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Should Edu. Min. Introduce Zoning For GSAT Placement?
Air Date: 6/11/2015

The Importance Of The Cockpit Country
Air Date: 6/3/2015

Extensive Coverage Of The FIFA Developing Story
Air Date: 5/27/2015

All Angles
Air Date: 5/20/2015
Nadeen Spence - Public Commentator | Robert Nesta Morgan - JLP Deputy Spokesperson on Education & Youth | Gary Spaulding - Senior Reporter, Gleaner | Ronald Mason - Talk Show Host

All Angles
Air Date: 5/13/2015

Concerns about the Health Sector
Air Date: 5/6/2015
Dr. Andrei Cooke - Chairman, South East Regional Health Authority | Dr. Shane Alexis - President, Medical Association of Jamaica | Dr. Alfred Dawes - President, Jamaica Medical Doctors Association


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Black People Embrace yourself by Derrick O’Reagan,Engr

Black people, who have taught you to hate yourself? To bleach yourself and not to embrace yourself
My people who have taught you to kill each other? And not love each other
My people, who have taught you that black is not beautiful? When I look around whites are blowing up their lips to look like us
My people black people, who have taught you only about slavery? When there are thousands of years of our history and living before slavery, when we rule all Alkebu-lan (Africa) in peace
Black people, who have taught you the lies about our home land? that you want to give up a continent for an island
Black people, who have taught you to hate yourself? to bleach yourself and not to embrace yourself
Black people you are the color of the creator of the heavens and the earth speaking in an anthropomorphic manner read the book of Revelation and you will see
Black People you are Apple of JAH eyes and the strength of his being
Black people we are the oldest human in creation, check their history and you will see
Black people, who have taught you to hate yourself? To bleach yourself and not to embrace yourself

commented on Friday, June 21, 2013
A just common sense my youth by Derrick O’Reagan, Engr

Proverbial ostrich I will never be I will always call it the way I see
The child in the Emperor’s new clothes I will ever be and speak the truth that set people free
Politicians are parasites; you only see them when they want our votes
Inner city youths it does not have to be with guns and bombs, education is a better plan
Politicians foster a culture of horizontal violence among us but it does not have to be like that
Inner city youths with education you can see Politicians plots, selfish ambitions is what they have got
Inner city youths Politicians don’t have your back they will sell you out to cop to make you stop
Inner city youths if you don’t stop the killing and shootings the grave will be your early resting spot

commented on Friday, June 21, 2013
I think that we have failed as a nation if we allow our children to grow up thinking that dark skin is ugly and only light skin is pretty. The light skin/dark skin is a never ending debate, not only in Jamaica but in many other parts of the world. Those arguments sometime are funny to me, has I am in most instance oblivious to the “stigma” again dark skin females in Jamaica considering the fact that I am a dark skin female who is quite successful and to my knowledge have never been treated unfairly due to my skin colour. I have always stand as equals to light skin females both in beauty and success. From my observation the light skin/dark skin debate is always sparked by dark skin woman with inferiority complex, which I think is really sad. What these debates are doing is planting in the minds of young children that there is an issue with dark skin/light skin when there is really not. Our responsibility is to educate our children to appreciate all shades of beauty that way as adults all they will see are people not skin color.

commented on Thursday, June 20, 2013
I have looked at the self identity issue of my country Jamaica where a small percentage of the female population is applying external cosmetic alteration by the process of bleaching of the skin. I have interview 100 young ladies who have involved in the bleaching of their skin and the answer is typical, they all say they are more marketable and that is the way Jamaica and the global community view beauty with a Eurocentric metrics. I was taken back when most of the young ladies I spoke with stated that most of the beauty contests in Jamaica are won by female of mixed heritage or of mulatto characteristics that drive me to examine their claim. I have decided to look at the Miss Jamaica World Contest from the period of 1976 -2008 and the most resent winner of 20012 and I could find only one Jamaican that looks like me her name is Joan McDonald is the 1978 winner which is a part of 98% African descendant of Jamaica. In the history of the Miss Jamaica World Contest we have 1 winner that looks like the 98% of the population, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that something is wrong in the selection process. This type of psychological manipulation have created within our young black sisters an inferiority complex similar to Kenneth and Mamie Clark experiments using dolls to study children's attitudes about race in the 50’s in USA. Where the black child would want to be the white doll and rejected her own identity. We are seeing a growing trend among our young black female who want to be Eurocentric in looks in Jamaica. Where is the Minister of culture that should be promoting self worth and Pan-African embracing? Why is the Minister of Culture and youth and development not addressing the great disparity with the Miss Jamaica World Contest? Let me quote one of Jamaica most profound Poet Mutabaruka “I don’t have a color problem, bad luck come my way by a black cat, I am the black sheep of my family, but I don’t have a color problem, everything black is bad but I don’t have a color problem, Black like sin but I don’t have a color problem, I man have a Blackout”. We cannot afford to have a cultural blackout we must wakeup and create social reform to outlaw anything that promotes stagnation within the growth and development of our people. Why do we have a Minister of Culture if it is blind to see the color disparity within the Jamaican community?

Derrick O'Reagan, Engr

commented on Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Dear Dione, following your interview in your RJR radio program (a sister program) with the Minister of Education, Minister Ronald Twaith,on the implementation he plans to transform the management of teacher jobs in Jamaica, I am surprise you go along with his declarations. No way in Jamaica there is too many teachers as we all know the ratio teachers/students is far far inadequate in comparing with properly develop education system in other countries. That is why no way the IMF could have pushed the government to aggravate this ratio. We all know we should have many more schools in our island already. If there is a problem of ratio, it is at micro level, involving a few schools, many of which are basic school where we know the teacher working there are severely underpaid. All what the minister talk about does not warrant a grand plan and could be undertaken at micro level (as it should be done on regular basis) and not be announced as a solution to major financial problems. All this is cheap political mileage, lack of vision, and dangerously affect the future of our education system. Please Dione, there is difference between policy reinforcement (micro)and educational development(macro)and vision. To my understanding the minister plays with a ‘fear’ factor wilts he should find real solutions through vision.
commented on Friday, June 14, 2013
Oh! The Poor by Derrick O’Reagan, Engr

Politicians Chanting I love the poor but in reality we are only their poppy-show to power
The rich and famous chanting I love the poor only for protecting of their wealth from the tax raiders.
Charity starting I love the poor but only a penny of each dollar collected reached the needy
I love the poor have become a panacea for wealth creation and for the invasion of Third World Nations
Some Pastors Chanting I love the poor but they are only peddling the gospel for money, wolves they are
I say if you love the poor come with me to the field of poverty not for photo-opportunity to be seen and praise by men but to plant seeds of hope and life in JAH
Hypocrites! If you are truly giving all that love to the poor, poverty would be no more.

commented on Wednesday, June 05, 2013
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