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Date Aired: 2/17/2013


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In answer to the question above "why do I care so much!)..you will have to explain why you mean! your argument has no subject.....but I suspect however, that you are trying to defend the Vile practice of homosexuals, so let me say this, people like you are always ready to turn what is good into what is bad, and bad into what is good just like your father Satan.

My Position is clear, but I will leave vengeance to Almighty God and his King Christ Jesus!!.....

I am not surprise why Jamaican Society is the way it is today...despite Jamaica having the most churches per square mile on planet earth, it begs the question, "what are they teaching in these churches". The Bible is quite clear,, YOU CANNOT BE APPROVING OR PRACTICING THE VILE ACT OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND BE ACCEPTED IN ANY CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION!.... Do you claim to be a Christian?

I been observing for a long time that something must be badly wrong with the Church Bishops and Ministers and silent on this matter, it took a lowly singer “Budju Banton” (pseudonym,) to speak against this pervasive disease.
It was truly shocking to hear the Prime Minister accepting and agreeing to make this Vile act Legal in Jamaica!........... “For that dastardly outrage, she has lost the respect of all conscious Jamaicans including myself.

What the Prime Minister is actually saying is that is also OK to:- forget about the institution of Marriage, it is now OK to Murder, Rape commit Incest, to be a Thief, Lie, to have no Respect etc, etc,
The Law the Prime Minister uses to rule the Country simply put, are all based on fundamental Bible Principles, by acceding to Homosexuals is a direct challenge to Almighty God himself….. It is very serious for her!,. Marriage between Man & Woman is the cornerstone of every society instituted by God!……..

commented on Friday, February 22, 2013
I agree with Campbell on this one. The same way Frank Ocean and Elton John are allowed and in fact applauded for being openly gay, the Dr. should be allowed to speak his mind as to the lyrics of a published song. Why should it be that anyone who criticizes anything or anyone of "gayness" they can be instantly labelled as homophobic and/or narrow minded?
commented on Thursday, February 21, 2013
commented on Wednesday, February 20, 2013
F.A.O Mr Dayton Campbell….- More power to your tonsils Sir!... It is brave of you to speak up against the Abominable act of Homosexuality.. You are right that the Bible does speaks against such disgusting practices; you have nothing to apologise for.... Many will pay the price for their Godly stance, like the Christ apostles in the first century C.E when they were brought before the Sanhedrin for telling the truth! ..they counted it as a joy after been flogged, which count greatly with Almighty God ..Acts 5:v29…

Almighty God promise us a Kingdom which we must pray for, Jesus gave us the model prayer in Mathew 6:v 9-13 in which righteousness is to be part condition of entry…. 1st Corinthians 6:v9…emphatically stated that men who lie with men will not be in God’s kingdom,………. their corps will become like manure on the ground when God pour out his righteous indignation against them like in Sodom and Gomorra …..

The Bible also states 1st John 5: v19 that the Whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one (Satan the Devil) Our Prime Minister unfortunately is one of his ministers, so do not be alarmed to see or hear her act and say strange things,,,,
USA, England, and Europe and many Asian Country’s Heads of States has already signed up to abomination act, so do many Asia Countries too…

From careful studying of the scriptures, and from the evidence of 2nd Timothy 3:v1-16 all the terrible and inhuman things happening it is without doubt that all mankind are in the last days of Satan’s Governments. Daniel:2v44..

My parting comments are:-
A healthy fear God is the beginning of wisdom….Love Almighty God with your whole soul, love your neighbour as you love yourself which does not mean that must have sex with them all included men to men and woman to woman…..

Remember the things that are happening were foretold to occur; Luke 21:v28 advise all humble and God-fearing people what to do…… (Read it for yourself)

commented on Monday, February 18, 2013

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