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Dr Lorna Cork, MBE
Date Aired: 9/2/2012


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Dr Lorna Cork, MBE
Air Date: 9/2/2012
Cambridge Ph.D

Lynda Dyer
Air Date: 8/26/2012
Transformation Coach - NPL Trainer

Dwight Hunter
Air Date: 8/19/2012
Senior Engineer at Intel. Grew up in Mile Gully

Professor Sir Roy Augier
Air Date: 8/12/2012
Former UWI Mona Pro Vice Chancellor

Dr. Erna Brodber
Air Date: 8/5/2012
CD, Historian, Socialogist and Literary Artist

Dr. Denvil Duncan
Air Date: 7/29/2012
Grew Up In Guys Hill

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you need to interview from gayle
commented on Saturday, September 08, 2012

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