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Hi Susan, my name is Dameon Velvett. I am trying to find my father - George Velvett. My mother (Donna Bishop) told me that he was living in New York and that she met him when he came to Stony Hill in 1978/1979 to visit family members. I was born in 1979. She also said that he had three daughters. Please help me to find him as I would really love to meet him. My number is 861-1893. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.
commented on Tuesday, August 12, 2014
A pleasant good morning Miss Susan. I am sincerely delightful that you make it apart of your greatest desire to see family, extended relatives and friends find their origin. It tells how much you see the need of family togetherness.
I am Devon McFarlane a 25 years old young man. I have not known my biological parents nor other relatives for the pass 24 years and 9 months. I was abdicated at three months old and have not come in contact with any relatives ever since. The only network of contact provided that could be used to know their possible location is my birth certificate. The incisive information provided is that I was connated in St Catherine at the Spanish Town Hospital and that my mother's name is Hycinth McFarlane. That is all that i can provide at the moment until I visit the Hambery Children Home where I was first sent to from nursery home at age one.
Miss Susan i am now a graduate student of Northern Caribbean University and I ardor to venture unto my Masters program next September 2014. But before I move to that level I would be very elated to see my parents if its only to say thanks for the decision they have made, for I believe that the way it happened is how it was meant to be.
If you wish to contact me, you may do so by calling my number which is 287-2327 or my adoptive mother which is 879-2842 or my fiance which 453-5108 or by email devonmcfarlane73@yahoo.com.

Your effort will be truly appreciated.

Your Sincere
Devon McFarlane

commented on Wednesday, September 18, 2013
My name is Bryan Lue, n I would like your HELP to find my Father VICTOR Fung comonly none as SUNNY from the south kingston rumlane aera, He has 3 other kids, if you can help me my number is 353-9282.


commented on Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Hi Susan, my name is crystal i am 23 years old am i trying to find my mother and sister's i did call your show but never get any call. my mother name is Paulette boxter_malcolm and i know my sister's name by sandy,christine and niki i am really searching for them....my mother and sister my number is 371-6330, and my email address is Christal_johnson@rocketmail.com
commented on Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Hi Susan, my name is Ryan i used to live in Kingston when i was much smaller. Because my mom died i went to lived in Manchester with my dad. i am 21yrs old nw. Back in Kingston i ave two other brothers staying with this lady whose name is Rose in Drewsland. They dnt ave anyone but the lady whose name is Rose who my mother use to pay at times to take care of us. I'm in Manchester now with my dad but i jus dont feel complete knowing the fact that my mother's side of family is out there and i dnt know them i really want to get in touch with them and to know them so am seeking a search for me, for my brothers. My number is 249-8311, and my email address is Wryan84@ymail.com.
commented on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Hi suzan my name is sashawna nelson i am 26 years old an searching for my dad family an my brother an sisters that are out there.i hear my dad died in a accident in 93 or 94. His name is George Anthony nelson.i hear my grand mother was living in mapen with her daughter Lisa. N i hear i have a sister name Kim n keisha. Please help me to find them suzan my number is 4877790
commented on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
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